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Supporting Life through Water Maturation

Why the American Water Trust focuses on

facilitating water maturation & how we do it.

Water is the foundation of our earthly existence. It has, time & time again, baffled scientists who try to fit this source of life into boxes of conformity only to discover that water, somehow, finds a way to carve through said box & continue her non-linear existence. At this time on the planet, many of our waterways have been mistreated &, to our own detriment, severely misunderstood. Rather than observing & working with water, we have attempted to control this great force of nature to do our bidding. The result? Waterways that are gravely polluted & no-longer support life, to bodies of water that have been privatized & shipped away from the watersheds they were intended to support, to a system that leaves the very basic necessary substance that every living being requires-without, due to lack of financial means to pay for it or due to the lack of water-desertification. For many of the recent generations of humanity, we have seen ourselves as the peak of evolution-having fancied ourselves as some sort of all-knowing ape. It is now achingly apparent that we need to humble ourselves to the being from which we came forth-the Earth herself.

The American Water Trust understands that we must work with nature in order to maintain a livable Earth on which all who reside here have the right to life & therefore to clean, healthy, life-supporting water.

The American Water Trust understands that we must work with nature in order to maintain a livable Earth on which all who reside here have the right to life & therefore to clean, healthy, life-supporting water. This begins by recognizing the inherent intelligence within nature, observing the needs of each unique body of water, & , finally, working with water. AWT does not meet water in a human-dominant fashion that says, “only our technology can fix you” but rather understands that nature has the ability to heal herself & therefore they act as helping hands, perceptive assistants, & humble apprentices to the greatest healer there is-healthy mature water.

Water, like all earthly bodies, experiences life cycles. As water meanders through said cycle, it experiences the voracious appetites of youth as it gathers information, minerals, & nutrients to a stage of passive, apparent lifelessness. No matter how tightly humanity grasps onto the idea of linear time, water does not live this way. Whatever stage we find our waters to be in, it is possible to uplift, enoble, & bring her into her highest, most mature potential. Mature water is life-giving water. So what is it that makes water mature & how is it that the American Water Trust facilitates the process of maturation?

Mature water is life-giving water.

Mature water is a complex community of molecules who have learned & gathered the necessary subtle stimuli, nutrients, & minerals necessary to bestow life. This water has risen up in a spiral motion from the belly of the Earth on its own accord, during which it has gathered subtle stimuli- such as electromagnetism from rocks & once it has bubbled forth into the above-ground wilderness, it continues to be informed & patterned through various means such as bird song, the movement & light of celestial bodies, & maintains its intelligently structured community of molecules-all of which is taken into the beings who live upon that land-providing them with vibrant energetic life.

Not only is this water better able to deliver nutrients, minerals, & energy-but it is able to process toxins. That’s right-mature water is able to self-clean & self-regulate. As the AWT Vice President Jonathan Butts once said, “With mature water, you get the biggest bang for your buck.” Although cleaning waterways is incredibly important, they have the potential to be projects that are short-lived. In other words, depending on the qualities of a particular waterway, cleaning the water may be a very temporary process, leaving the water susceptible to becoming as polluted as before. This is precisely why the American Water Trust does not simply focus on cleaning water, but on facilitating the process of maturation. When it comes to healing waterways the AWT take their cues from the greatest teacher known to humankind-mother nature. Through passive approaches, they encourage water to heal herself.

When it comes to healing waterways the AWT take their cues from the greatest teacher known to humankind-mother nature.

First, they must visit & observe each body of water, as all are unique & may require different variations of the process. To keep it simple, however, I’ll lay out the very basics of the process that the AWT puts forth. Data acquisition-the water is surveyed & tested to get an idea of what pollutants may be present, the temperature, molecular structure, motion, & overall health of the water. Even if water is relatively healthy, the next steps will give it more energy & allow for its incredible properties to remain intact.

It is necessary to keep, encourage, or maintain the water at a cool ~39 degrees-a temperature which gives water the most holding power, allowing it to more easily absorb minerals, pick up & carry away toxins, & maintain its molecular hexagonal structure. Sun-warmed shallow water tends to loosen the hydrogen bonds of the molecules, creating less informed water that eventually becomes more sluggish & less life-sustaining. One of the approaches the AWT takes to address this is place-specific plantings along banks focusing, of course, on native riparian plants appropriate to the ecosystem. An additional approach is to encourage the water to flow in an inward motion or, in other words, to take on the natural motion of vortexing, during which the pulsating twisting motion of the water allows it to regulate it’s temperature (sun-warmed water gets pulled back down to cooler depths), deposit nutrient dense sediments which encourages plant growth, & to maintain its crystalline nature.

Nature does this herself when waterways are left in their wild state. For example, through shaping rocks over which water is then able to tumble & spiral over, or on fish scales as they swim upriver. Again, this process will be very place-specific, however, to give you an idea of ways to this, rocks/boulders could be moved into specific locations allowing for that spiral affect to take place. In locations where it is inappropriate to do such movements water scientist & AWTs Vice President Jonathan Butts is in the process of designing a (somewhat) light-weight device that can be anchored into specific locations & act as a river-shaped boulder would: causing water to double wind & create a vacuum on both the front & backside of the device. It is a developmental pathway that Jonathan is dedicated to creating in order to solve the moving of rocks around.

Through supporting mature water, we support life.

To summarize, the intentions of the AWT are to be students of nature by making decisions based on the observations of healthy natural waterways & utilizing the best cutting-edge science to make informed decisions. For healthy water full of vitality, they intend to encourage water to flow in its natural meandering state, & to run deeper, colder, & faster enabling it to fulfill its function as a life-giver, a channel of energy, a conveyor of nutrients, & to be a body capable of transporting toxins & waste. Through supporting mature water, we support life.

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