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American Water Trust

American Water Trust
Water is Life . Life is Sacred 

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The American Water Trust was established to work in alliance with First Nations peoples to restore right relationship with the sacred element of Water in practical, applicable, solution-oriented ways that empower tribes and reservations to take sovereignty over their liquid source of life.

Through sharing a deeper understanding of Water, we honor its interconnectivity with all living systems, and its central role in creating health and prosperity for people and planet.

Our Misson


Our mission is to provide Water quality metrics and solutions throughout the Americas through scalable programs based on philosophical and executable education and implementation of Phase I, II, and III technologies while providing a new understanding of Water, for the establishment of health of the planet as well as economical decentralized growth.


Water herself provides a model for economical decentralized growth, for scientific advancement, for spiritual communion, and for ecological and agricultural flourishing. In reciprocal relationship with First Nations people, we aim to become accomplices in the realization of Water's full potential by decolonizing the idea of Water as a resource, and restoring her primary role as our source. This begins with education, and grows organically and dynamically into the implementation of exciting, empowering and highly effective Water technologies based on nature's principles.


First Nations peoples on Turtle Island have suffered drought, water scarcity, and poisoned Water supplies to a greater degree than any other demographic on this land. In partnering directly with their leaders and elders, The American Water Trust is committed to ensuring not only clean water, but vibrant, living, energized Water, is available to the original Water stewards and Water protectors of this land.

Our Story
We let a river shower its banks with a spirit that invades the people living there, and we protect that river, knowing that without its blessings the people have no source of soul.
~Thomas Moore
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